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By Melissa McLaughlin

Lord, make me a paperclip for You

Not glamorous, not noticed, but oh, so useful

Let me hold people together with my small strength

Let me be bent into new shapes…

So I can unlock doors in lives where the keys are now lost;

So I can be the hook on the end of a string dangling from the classroom ceiling

securing a child’s prized tissue-paper butterfly in my gentle grasp

at just the right height for little eyes to see;

So I can be the bookmark

in a great unfinished story with surprises, twists and turns

showing the reader where to begin again;

So I can be something

yet to be imagined

yet to be made

yet to be molded

Nothing but a common paperclip

Waiting to be used and used and used again

In the hands of the Great Re-Maker


Photo ©Melissa McLaughlin

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