The Power of a Name

what does the name I AM mean

By Melissa McLaughlin The Power of a Name “What should we name her?” came the expectant and reverent voices of my children. My daughter had discovered an abandoned kitten in my parents’ barn. Crying, wailing, calling for someone to rescue her. And rescue her we did! Immediately we began preparations for welcoming a new kitten … Read more

Two Times Jesus was Amazed! What Would it Take? Amazing Faith

two times jesus was amazed amazing faith

By Melissa McLaughlin Faith in a Mother’s Love My eyes scanned the audience. There she was. Her soft gray hair and gentle smile radiating love toward all, but especially toward me, her daughter. I remember looking for her among the crowd. Though the kind faces of others were a sweet comfort, there was no face … Read more

Whispers of Grace

whispers of grace God's whisper still small voice

By Melissa McLaughlin The fog descended like a fuzzy gray blanket blurring out any sharply focused thinking. The day before, my husband was admitted into the hospital after experiencing an unexpected health issue. Unsure of what lay ahead, we listened carefully to the doctor’s plan of action with deep gratitude for the medical care since … Read more

The Search

God's treasure search for us

By Melissa McLaughlin A Backyard Search Recently my husband was inspired to rummage through our garage and dust off his old metal detector, a hobby he enjoyed just for kicks when we were younger and time was not so scarce. I could never seem to reach deep enough within to stir up the passion that … Read more

Unquenchable Faith

Unquenchable Faith

By Melissa McLaughlin Faith. With sun scorched thirst Bending over the rushing stream My eyes light with joy Knowing my feverishly parched soul will soon be satiated I cup my hands Carefully scooping every slosh I gather with all the strength of my force Every drop of You But as I lift my hands I … Read more

Alive and Breathing

Christian Poem Holy Spirit Alive and Breathing

By Melissa McLaughlin Holy Spirit, breathe through me Fill my lungs with your heavenly freshness Rush through me, mighty River, with cleansing force Routing any debris left behind by squandered living Open wide the doors of my heart Preparing the way for the King of Glory Whip open my windows with your windy fury Sweeping … Read more

Memories of Dad

memories of dad

By Melissa McLaughlin I will always remember our one and only childhood trip to Florida. After the 25+ hour drive to sunny Florida all the way from the hills of Pennsylvania, we were overjoyed to finally reach our destination! We pulled into the Walt Disney World campground, our home away from home. My dad carefully … Read more

Music: A Ministry of Hope

Music ministry in Haiti

By Melissa McLaughlin “That’s wonderful!” people exclaimed when they heard we were taking a short-term family mission trip to Haiti. “What will you do there?” people asked with great enthusiasm. “Help with food, water, medical care, building homes?” “No, we are helping at a Music Camp that is held at North Haiti Christian University (UCNH).” … Read more

Where the Water Flows

Christian Poem where the water flows living water

By Melissa McLaughlin I walked one day where the water flows Gently bubbling joy Singing peaceful melodies Unheard by most who passed by Giggling splashing over rocks Fresh and crystal clear Rushing free Full of life On and on and on If you listen carefully You can hear its song The Living Water plays on … Read more