Do you ever wonder if the world is coming to an end?

do you ever wonder if the world is coming to an end

By Melissa McLaughlin The End Have you ever wondered if the world is coming to an end? Ever wonder about Jesus coming back? Ever wonder about the end of your own life? What happens after we die? We can all be certain of one thing… within the next 100 years we will all die. Whether … Read more

Fruits, Gifts and Talents – What’s the big deal?

the difference between the fruits of the Spirit the gifts of the Spirit and God-given talents

By Melissa McLaughlin The Gift of a Day It was the perfect fall day. The leaves were beginning their autumn costume change. Glimmers of yellow, orange and red leaves flitted among the green with a tiny hint of the coming glory. Our family arrived at the apple orchard ready for the flavorful taste of just-picked … Read more

Powerful Post Picks

powerful post picks Christian bloggers

How could I ever thank you enough? I am truly grateful for the gifted writers in this blogging community. Your words have stirred my faith, lifted my spirit and encouraged my soul in Christ. Whenever I am able to pause and read your work, I am filled to the brim! May God bless you and … Read more

The Best of Me

giving God the best of me

By Melissa McLaughlin Memory of Love They were just ages five and three. My two sweet daughters were preschoolers and our days were filled with alphabet songs, Raggedy Ann stories and make-believe veterinarian hospitals with waiting rooms full of stuffed animals covered in Disney band-aids. Our son was not yet adopted, so it was just … Read more

The Joy of Brokenhearted Praise

the joy of brokenhearted praise the sacrifice of praise

By Melissa McLaughlin The End of Our Strength We’ve all been there. That moment when the relationship falls apart and the memories are strewn on the floor in millions of shattered glass shards. When the job opportunity disintegrates before our eyes sending dark billowing clouds across our horizon. When the doctor gives the diagnosis you … Read more

Jesus and Snakes? Tracing the Path to John 3:16

Jesus and snakes John 3:16

By Melissa McLaughlin John 3:16 I was mesmerized. My eyes were glued to a closely matched, nail-biting game of college football, when all of a sudden, there he was. The camera scanned the cheering crowd and then zoomed in on the young man, his face and chest painted pitch-black, contrasted starkly by the carefully painted … Read more