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How could I ever thank you enough? I am truly grateful for the gifted writers in this blogging community. Your words have stirred my faith, lifted my spirit and encouraged my soul in Christ. Whenever I am able to pause and read your work, I am filled to the brim! May God bless you and use you mightily! Though it is impossible to include every writer who has touched my life over the past few weeks, below I offer just a few. I pray other readers are blessed by these powerful posts.

In A Gift of Forgiveness read about Bettie G.’s internal pain, battle with chronic illness, ongoing prayer and journey of forgiveness through her miraculous and moving encounter with Christ.

Chip Mattis reminds us that Jesus is For Losers as he points out that Jesus is not recruiting the self-reliant successful winners, but those who acknowledge their sinful needy position and cry out for a Savior. When we see our great need for Him, only then do we actually win. See yourself as a loser who wins in Jesus as you read this post.

Stuart Tutt writes a stirring memoir, We Need a Hero, showing how our lifelong desire for a hero is fulfilled as we see step fully into the people we have become today, standing firm in our faith in Christ.

Christy Istrate is an inspiration to all writers as she addresses 7 Blogging Hurdles with MS. May we encourage one another as we face unique and difficult challenges in our lives, health and faith.

We all battle fear and anxiety at times. For some this is a lifelong struggle. Julie Dibble gives new hope and strength through her post On Becoming Fearless. Be renewed by her words today.

In her post No One But Jesus Would Do This Melinda Inman delves into the depths of Jesus’ sacrificial love for us as she traces the Old Testament prophecies to the New Testament fulfillment, revealing how Jesus knew before all time, that He would take on this mission to save us, at all costs.

Be inspired again today by reading Ryan Callahan’s testimony and God’s supernatural intervention in his life in the post It’s All About Jesus! God displays his glory through Ryan’s life!

Amy Blount captures all that hangs in the balance in her poem Hanging. Thank you, Amy, for inspiring us to hang with Jesus.

Slow Grief written by Ruth of PlantedByLivingWater reminds us that Jesus understands our grief and came to bear it in our stead. Find comfort today in her words.

The Eclectic Contrarian reminds us to trust in the Lord in his profound poem Bare With Me. Though we feel prone to weakness, may we be inspired to soar with the Lord, as He leads and provides the strength only found in Him.

Through a real life example and the lyrics of a hymn StreetFaithandWorks reminds us of a simple but profound way to honor our Father and become more like Christ as we Look and Live!

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    • Hi Ryan, your life and faith are a beacon shining in the night pointing us to Jesus! I’m so grateful you are sharing your life stories and messages of inspiration from the Bible. There are so many amazing Christian writers, you are right, it takes time to read and take it all in. May the Lord add His blessing to every word people have written here.

    • Dear Valerie, you are so right! I am daily challenged to grow stronger in Christ as I read these blogs and stories of faithfulness through the pain, sorrow and obstacles of life. What a blessing to witness the amazing ways God is moving in people’s lives!

  1. Thank you Melissa! What a humbling experience to be included here. Please know I appreciate your actions, as I have with Amy Blount, of drawing us together. Writing can be a lonely venture sometimes. May God bless the work of your hands this coming week. In Christ, Julie

  2. Dear Melissa,
    I am so humbled to be included here in this great list of such inspiring reading from the Lord! Thank you for sharing your space and opening your heart here. I am so looking forward to settling in for more great reads as I savor these posts this weekend. Blessings, love and prayers for you Dear Sister!


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