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Lori Cunningham – Guest Post

This excerpt by author and speaker, Nan Jones, says it all:

“I’ve only known Lori Cunningham a few short weeks through an online friendship, but I know there is something very special about her. I think of the beautiful, delicate rose whose petals have fallen to the ground only to be crushed by uncaring feet. But the result is the sweet aroma that infuses its surroundings with beauty and grace.

You see, Lori is that delicate rose who was crushed as a child, but she found the faithfulness of the Lord in her anguish and now her life emits the sweet aroma of Christ to the world around her. Although her story is very painful to read, she has found the presence of God throughout — even in the most vile moments. Lori clings to His outstretched hand, and He imparts grace and healing.”

Nan Jones featured Lori Cunningham’s life story, book and blog in January 2018.  The link to this amazing story, as recorded on Nan Jones’ blog, is found below. I implore you to please pause for a moment and read Lori’s miraculous story of overcoming the horrors of violent childhood abuse by clinging to Jesus through it all. Lori is a walking, talking, living miracle. To know her is to be blessed by her. Though it may sear your heart to read her story, the truth must be made known, as this is the story of many others. May our eyes be opened and our hearts be moved to reach out, help and pray for any who are suffering from abuse.  Lori’s story will give you hope, when all hope seems lost. Read with her, ache with her, find hope in Christ with her, for in the end, Jesus is our only hope.

Nan Jones Faith Notes – Lori Cunningham: Where Was God During My Violent Abuse?


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