Jesus is Victor! A Message of Hope from Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom a Message of Hope

By Melissa McLaughlin Sometimes, a message of God’s hope is the only gift you can offer another person. Sometimes, this is the only gift we really need. Corrie Ten Boom’s Family Life One woman who has inspired multitudes with her message of hope in Christ is Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie was born in the Netherlands … Read more

The Power of Sin is Broken! Past, Present and Future!

Power of Sin is Broken Past Present and Future

By Melissa McLaughlin New Growth Spring brings a variety of sweet memories from my past and heartwarming feelings of anticipation in the present. A fond memory from my childhood is that of my father starting seeds indoors in early spring. Sometimes in egg cartons, sometimes in small peat pots. The seeds would be carefully buried … Read more

The Sacrificial Lamb – Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

The Sacrificial Lamb - Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

By Melissa McLaughlin New Life After a long, bitter winter even our bodies moan, yearning for spring. We wait for the sun’s strength to be emboldened. We breathe in deeply waiting for the smell of fresh earth. Daily we scour the brown frozen scenery for the smallest signs of new life. The snowdrop is the … Read more

Collecting – It’s Life or Death!

Collecting It's life or death manna in the wilderness

By Melissa McLaughlin Collecting The good news? I am a minimalist. This means, I actually enjoy cleaning out and donating unused items, reducing clutter and simplifying my surroundings and life. For me, less is truly more. The bad news? I am surrounded by a long line of collectors. This means, most of my family actually … Read more