God Sees Everything

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By Melissa McLaughlin

My mouth watered as the spicy aromas wafted through the pizzeria. I stood at the counter waiting to pay for our take-out pizzas. The teenage cashier collected my payment. I noticed the tip jar on the counter beside her. It was empty. I rummaged through my purse and reached to place money in the tip jar. At that same moment, she turned away to check on my order.

As the bills fell into the jar, I realized the young woman did not see the appreciation I attempted to express through my tip. I did not need recognition for a tip. This was not a million dollars. However, I wished she knew I was grateful for the staff’s hard work.

She handed me the hot pizzas. I thanked her and expressed my gratitude as I left. The cashier would never know who gave the money.

Right then, I thought about God.

God saw everything. God saw a young woman and other pizzeria staff working hard on a Friday night. God saw me slip cash into a tip jar so they would feel appreciated at the end of their shift.

Even if no one else knew, God knew. That was enough.

This passing experience in the pizzeria brought several Bible verses to mind.

God Sees Everything

At that instant, I remembered God sees everything. There is comfort in recognizing His sovereign knowledge of our lives. Like a caring parent watches their children to protect, guide, and provide for them, so God watches over us.

For he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens (Job 28:24 ESV).

For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders all his paths (Proverbs 5:21 ESV).

God Desires to Strengthen Us

Additionally, God searches for people who are following Him and strengthens people who are committed to Him.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him (1 Chronicles 16:9a NIV).

What a blessing! God looks after His people so He can uplift us.

God Protects Us From Pride

Further, God protects us from pride. Because He sees everything, our actions don’t need to impress others. God sees it all, including the motives of our hearts.

Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven (Matthew 6:1 NIV).

God Owns Everything

God not only sees everything, God owns everything.

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it (Psalm 24:1 NIV).

God Provides Everything

Consequently, every good and pure gift comes from Him. Our life, our measure of health, our education, our job opportunities, and our money. All good gifts and resources are from His hands.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows (James 1:17 NIV).

Therefore, whatever we contribute originates from the abundance God has lavished on us.

God is a Rewarder

Adding to this, God is a rewarder. Naturally, we desire to shine Christ’s truth and love in this world so others are drawn to Him. Yet, our ultimate goal is to please God. First, we obey God out of gratitude for our salvation in Christ. Topping that off, however, God rewards those who live for Him.

And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward (Matthew 10:42 ESV).

God Sees Everything and Cares About Everything

Imagine this– God notices when you stop to give a little child a cup of cold water.

Who else would mention such an inconsequential deed? These small ripples of love matter to God. Each person matters to Him. Every moment matters to Him.

Just as my earthly father supplied me with coins to put in the offering plate at church when I was a child, so our Heavenly Father gives us resources to help others. God’s blessings flow through us to refresh others.

Have you experienced a time when someone helped you in a minor way that left a lasting impact? Or perhaps you feel like you’ve spent yourself with little in return?

Take heart, my friend! God sees everything. Our heavenly Father observes and cherishes every tiny act of kindness done in His name.

He invites and enables His children to help fill the tip jar!

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God Sees Everything

17 thoughts on “God Sees Everything”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Melissa.
    We should not want recognition from anyone for the good deeds we do. It is enough to know that God sees our good deeds. And we only need God’s approval; not man’s.
    We should do good deeds just because that’s God’s plan for us.
    Your blog is a good reminder to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God; just God.

    • I love the way you express this, Mary Anne. We should “live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God; just God.” That says it all!
      May we press in and acknowledge and experience the Lord throughout the day. Then living fully for Him will be natural. God bless you and your family!

    • God bless you, Chebba. It is a wonderful to remind ourselves that God sees everything and cares about everything. We know He sees all we do to help others in His name. And we know He cares for every person and every detail. Our lives have great meaning because of Christ.

  2. Great message Melissa. It’s amazing how we look for others to see our actions when God seeing us is the most important. I fall into this trap so thanks for reminding me.

  3. I love this so much!! I imagine how many times God has brought blessings and comforts big and small my way and I never thought to thank him. We can show our love for God by the blessings and kindnesses we offer others in his name.

  4. Melissa, such a honest and sweet message. I loved your opening story and how we often want the recognition for how we blessed someone in some way like your tip in the tip jar. But God DOES see and He knows and He cares. I love how during Jesus’ ministry on earth, He took time to stop and talk to people and minister to them in their ordinary days. And Jesus wasn’t bothered by people who seemed to interrupt Him along the way. Instead, He welcomed it and even told many parables about people doing ordinary things that were important.

    • Karen, I love the Scripture connections you made here. You’re right, Jesus took time for people. He saw each one as a person with unique needs. Even when His disciples didn’t want people to bother Him, especially the children, Jesus took time to minister to them, in ordinary ways. His love and care are boundless. I pray He enlarges our hearts so we see and help others, even in small ways. When no one else knows, God knows and He smiles!


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