Poem: God’s love is like…

Poem: God's love is like...

By Melissa McLaughlin God’s love is a rushing waterfall. Steadfast cleansing refreshing Carrying life onward and forever Unstoppable. God’s love is like downy snow. Effervescent, emanating light holy pure ever-fresh Endless design and delight. God’s love is a daffodil. Announcing life after winter’s cold death. Undaunted by nipping winds or packed earth. The dawning season … Read more

God Blesses You With His Name

God Blesses You With His Name

By Melissa McLaughlin A New Name My eyes tear up as I remember that day. It seems like only yesterday we said, “I do.” I met my husband at church. Our tender friendship grew into a committed relationship and culminated in our marriage a few years later. We celebrated this sacred occasion with a worshipful … Read more

God’s Voice Resounds: Psalm 19

God's Voice Resounds Psalm 19

By Melissa McLaughlin Food for the Soul One bite is all it takes. Savoring a delicious meal is a simple pleasure in my life. The aromas, varied textures, and wonderful flavors bring delight. Even as I imagine a favorite dessert, my mouth begins to water. Taking a bite of apple pie is a little slice … Read more

Rock of Ages

Christian Poem Rock of Ages

By Melissa McLaughlin The Rock on which I stand Immovable Immeasurable Immortal Though darkness falls Though oceans roll Though terror calls With one breath He utters Peace. Be still. Creation bows His voice echoes What He says, Is. Be still my heart The Rock of ages Has spoken. Additional poems you might enjoy: Starry Night … Read more

Holy Symmetry

Christian Poem Holy Symmetry

By Melissa McLaughlin Fearful symmetry Wild and wondrous Fierce and free Divinely designed Untameable infinite intricacy Complex chaos kept Powerful patterned play Fall in fear Before One who With but a breath Calls it to be Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty Creation testifies Glory! *Inspired by the poem Fearful Symmetry by William Blake Other … Read more

All Things New

Christian Poem All Things New

By Melissa McLaughlin All things made new Oh Lion and Lamb His once dead body Breathes again From dust to life From sorrow to peace His power unending His grace unleashed His justice rolls down His truth sets free His gentleness heals His mercy redeems Oh believer, yes, it’s true He who lives again Makes … Read more


Christian Poem Behold the Son

By Melissa McLaughlin Awaken, oh my soul! Awaken with dawn’s new light Let the mist of sleepy soul slumber Roll back before the radiant One As golden glimmers of hope Twinkle on my heart’s horizon Rise up, oh my soul Rise up and behold The Son! Additional poems you might enjoy: Beauty Flutters By – … Read more

From Clay to Heaven – Be Amazed by Your God!

God is an amazing Creator

By Melissa McLaughlin My Husband’s Art My husband, Tom McLaughlin, is an artist. And oh, how I love his creations! From pen and ink sketches, to oil and acrylic paints on canvas, to clay vases, to stylized calligraphy – it is all a wonder to me! One year for Christmas, my husband gave me an … Read more

“I Spy” – Where do you spy God?

Where do you see God!

By Melissa McLaughlin I Spy How our kids loved the I Spy books when they were young! They could outlast me, trying to find the dozens of specified items hidden among the endless clutter of extraneous items placed there for the sole purpose of overshadowing all the others. These books presented a challenge because there … Read more

The Power of a Name

what does the name I AM mean

By Melissa McLaughlin The Power of a Name “What should we name her?” came the expectant and reverent voices of my children. My daughter had discovered an abandoned kitten in my parents’ barn. Crying, wailing, calling for someone to rescue her. And rescue her we did! Immediately we began preparations for welcoming a new kitten … Read more

Moon Song

Christian Poem Moon Song

By Melissa McLaughlin I hear you, oh glistening moon Hanging way up there by nothing at all Displaying your hushed radiance Bold and steady, singing through dark night skies with silver white force Outshining city lights with the brilliance of angels A call to see To see Not your own vast glowing beauty But a … Read more