Suffering for Christ

Suffering for Christ

By Melissa McLaughlin Following Jesus We’ve all been there. There is a sting when we don’t fit in. Friends at school make plans for their party, but we don’t make the list. Co-workers overlook us during the lunch conversation. People give us that uncomfortable side-glance when we pray over meals. An unbeliever on social media … Read more

Do not worry… Consider the Lilies

Do not worry... Consider the Lilies

By Melissa McLaughlin The Anxieties of Life With each passing day, it seems the weight of this world grows heavier. Turmoil and division on every side. The cost of living rising steadily. Empty shelves and help wanted signs. Concerns for health with varying and opposing viewpoints. Media, culture and entertainment in outright opposition to God’s … Read more

3 Prayers of Hope

3 Prayers of Hope

By Melissa McLaughlin Ever had one of those days? Whether you are taking your first few steps to follow Christ or you have traveled myriad miles in your walk with Him, there are days when it feels we simply cannot take one more step. Days when it seems impossible to put one foot in front … Read more

Feeling sad at Christmas? 4 Ways to Overcome

Feeling Sad at Christmas? 4 Ways to Overcome

Feeling depressed or sad at Christmas? Struggling with holiday blues? Going through a hard time? Perhaps it was the loss of a loved one. Perhaps the loss of a job or ministry. Perhaps the loss of our health. Or perhaps just the slow grind of life in a broken world, that slowly wore away our gratitude for God’s blessings.

No matter the cause, the problem remains. How do I celebrate Christmas when I feel sad or low? Here are 4 ways to seek God and rest in His goodness this Christmas,

Be Seen

Be seen by God you are seen by God

By Melissa McLaughlin Be Seen The billboard slogan contained only two words: “Be Seen.”  What were they advertising? A medical practice. Brilliant! They sold me! When calling for an appointment, it can be days, weeks or months before I can be seen by a doctor. I realize that medical offices are often understaffed and overworked, … Read more

Amazing Guest Post – Featuring Lori Cunningham!

Lori Cunningham

Lori Cunningham – Guest Post This excerpt by author and speaker, Nan Jones, says it all: “I’ve only known Lori Cunningham a few short weeks through an online friendship, but I know there is something very special about her. I think of the beautiful, delicate rose whose petals have fallen to the ground only to … Read more

The Joy of Brokenhearted Praise

the joy of brokenhearted praise the sacrifice of praise

By Melissa McLaughlin The End of Our Strength We’ve all been there. That moment when the relationship falls apart and the memories are strewn on the floor in millions of shattered glass shards. When the job opportunity disintegrates before our eyes sending dark billowing clouds across our horizon. When the doctor gives the diagnosis you … Read more

Whispers of Grace

whispers of grace God's whisper still small voice

By Melissa McLaughlin The fog descended like a fuzzy gray blanket blurring out any sharply focused thinking. The day before, my husband was admitted into the hospital after experiencing an unexpected health issue. Unsure of what lay ahead, we listened carefully to the doctor’s plan of action with deep gratitude for the medical care since … Read more