A Call to Fast and Pray – 3 Ways to Fast

A Call to Fast and Pray - 3 Ways to Pray

By Melissa McLaughlin The first time I participated in a time of prayer and fasting was in high school. In order to raise awareness and raise money to fight world hunger, our church youth group organized a sleepover at the church that included a time of prayer and fasting. This afforded us the opportunity to … Read more

Gentleness: Christ on Display in our Every Day

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness. Power under God's control

By Melissa McLaughlin Have you ever stepped into an emotional or relational landmine? Suddenly a passing comment or simple exchange takes on a wartime feel and you find yourself dodging verbal bullets, seemingly out of nowhere. At moments like these, our souls long for a touch of gentleness. A remembrance that we are only human, … Read more

Believer or Follower – Which one are you?

Disciple Believer or Follower which one are you

By Melissa McLaughlin “Hola, clase!” called our teacher as we entered the classroom. “Hola, professor!” was our hearty response. My faint and intermittent memories of high school Spanish class waft through my mind now and then like a whispery wind. Though I loved learning a second language, my long-term memory is sadly scant. I enjoyed … Read more

Waiting Well

Waiting well with God means we place ourselves close to Him

By Melissa McLaughlin As Children – We Can’t Wait I remember it like yesterday. With eager faces and fidgety bodies we sat through the Christmas Eve service at church. Angel costumes, eyes twinkling, voices resounding, Christmas carols ringing. We were there, but looking forward, looking ahead, looking onward. Following the church service, our parents bustled … Read more

Fruits, Gifts and Talents – What’s the big deal?

the difference between the fruits of the Spirit the gifts of the Spirit and God-given talents

By Melissa McLaughlin The Gift of a Day It was the perfect fall day. The leaves were beginning their autumn costume change. Glimmers of yellow, orange and red leaves flitted among the green with a tiny hint of the coming glory. Our family arrived at the apple orchard ready for the flavorful taste of just-picked … Read more

The Best of Me

giving God the best of me

By Melissa McLaughlin Memory of Love They were just ages five and three. My two sweet daughters were preschoolers and our days were filled with alphabet songs, Raggedy Ann stories and make-believe veterinarian hospitals with waiting rooms full of stuffed animals covered in Disney band-aids. Our son was not yet adopted, so it was just … Read more

Unquenchable Faith

Unquenchable Faith

By Melissa McLaughlin Faith. With sun scorched thirst Bending over the rushing stream My eyes light with joy Knowing my feverishly parched soul will soon be satiated I cup my hands Carefully scooping every slosh I gather with all the strength of my force Every drop of You But as I lift my hands I … Read more

Alive and Breathing

Christian Poem Holy Spirit Alive and Breathing

By Melissa McLaughlin Holy Spirit, breathe through me Fill my lungs with your heavenly freshness Rush through me, mighty River, with cleansing force Routing any debris left behind by squandered living Open wide the doors of my heart Preparing the way for the King of Glory Whip open my windows with your windy fury Sweeping … Read more

Here’s how I’m able to help you

how I'm able to help you Melissa McLaughlin Truthful Grace

The world can sometimes feel cold and dark. How quickly a day that began in sunshine and warmth can evaporate like mist in the wind. How can you rekindle the embers of your soul and keep your heart glowing? During the darkest times of my life, it was the heart and words of Jesus that … Read more