Can You Hear the Train’s Call?

Can you hear the train's call

By Melissa McLaughlin The Train’s Call Oftentimes in the evening, I can hear a train whistle in the distance. Though miles from our house, still the train’s horn floats over the air. After daytime noises have died down, the engine’s song echoes over hills and valleys, announcing its trek through the night. It reminds me … Read more

6 Simple Things to Know About End Times

6 Simple Things to Know About End Times

By Melissa McLaughlin A recent household repair necessitated the dreaded nightmare… cleaning the basement. Uggghhh! A massive chore that is avoided in our home at all costs! Nonetheless, the basement storage boxes were lugged upstairs and the tedious task of sorting, cleaning and decision-making began. My mind scaled a mountain of odds and ends. What … Read more

The Time Between Time: Two Extraordinary Moments in God’s Story

The Time Between Time Two Extraordinary Moments in God's Story

Have you ever wondered about the time between time. Two extraordinary moments in God’s story. Two pauses when God is silent. The first is the 400 years between Malachi and the birth of Christ. The second is from the end of Revelation until Christ’s return. And so…here we are. Right here, right now. In the time between time. What does this mean? How should we live?

Do you ever wonder if the world is coming to an end?

do you ever wonder if the world is coming to an end

By Melissa McLaughlin The End Have you ever wondered if the world is coming to an end? Ever wonder about Jesus coming back? Ever wonder about the end of your own life? What happens after we die? We can all be certain of one thing… within the next 100 years we will all die. Whether … Read more