What is the Foundation for Your Life?

What is the Foundation for Your Life

By Melissa McLaughlin A Good Foundation The moment we begin, we wonder how it will all turn out. Each year, around Thanksgiving, my family makes gingerbread houses. With painstaking care, my mom rolls, cuts, and bakes the gingerbread dough by hand. We use gumdrops, M&Ms, licorice, and our imaginations to decorate the houses. Mom’s recipe … Read more

When days are cold, Jesus is near

When days are cold, Jesus is close

By Melissa McLaughlin When Days are Cold The air stung my cheeks as we trudged along that winter day. An overcast sky shadowed our steps. A hint of snow whispered in the wind. We hiked this same trail just a few months earlier, our senses flooded with rich fall foliage, vivid colors and the scent … Read more

The Unseen Hand of God

The Unseen Hand of God

By Melissa McLaughlin Unstoppable Power They have a power all their own. The patches of stubborn, unmelted snow still cling to the earth, gripping the edges of our souls with the frigid bite of winter. But there they are… unthwarted, unstoppable, undaunted. Up from the earth. Up from the shadows. Up from the seeming stillness … Read more

Lifelong Pursuit of Christ: Melinda V. Inman

Lifelong Pursuit of Christ Melinda V. Inman

A Lifelong Pursuit of Christ As followers of Christ, we discover a journey that takes us through nourishing, green pastures, still waters of refreshment and at times, deep, dark valleys. Our Good Shepherd saves us, leads us, cares for us and loves us all along the way. Therefore, our greatest desire is to live for … Read more

Standing on the Rock in the Storm

Standing on the Rock in the Storm

By Melissa McLaughlin The Rock There it stood. Rugged, wild and immovable. Our family excursion to Maine brought us to the picturesque Pemaquid Point. We climbed along the rocky outcropping that stood firm against the onslaught of ocean waves. Though the waves rolled in, crashing with rhythmic force, yet the rock stood firm. We stood … Read more

12 Christian Songs to Lift Your Spirit in Hard Times

12 Christian Songs to Lift Your Spirits When Times are Tough

By Melissa McLaughlin When times are hard, when we’re stressed out, worried or down, there is nothing like a song to reset our internal compass. Music can help lift our eyes, minds and hearts, especially when those songs point us to Christ. He is our hope in life and in death. Songs with Christian lyrics … Read more

When the Spring of My Heart is Overdue

God is faithful as the seasons

By Melissa McLaughlin Spring is my favorite season of the year. I love to witness new life bursting forth from what once appeared dead and gone. The vivid colors, the sweet fragrances, the lengthening daylight. It all speaks of hope. Hope from that which seemed hopeless. Life from that which seemed lifeless. Anticipation. Promise. Expectancy. … Read more


Why Believe in Jesus

Do you remember a time like this? That moment when you needed someone to believe you, to trust you. Perhaps it was an accident and you wanted others to understand what happened. Maybe it was the doctor and you needed him to believe your symptoms. Perhaps someone was giving a different account about an incident that involved you. You told the truth, but how can the listener know this?

This is the deciding moment. The moment when you need someone to believe you. To trust you. To take your word for it.

Think back to a time when someone believed you. What a gift! It is like receiving a longed for and treasured prize. There is a sense of deep connection. A soul-level trust. A knowing and believing in who you are. This kind of belief in another person’s character is a rare commodity, something to be genuinely cherished.

Imagine then, how it moves God’s heart when we believe Him. When we take His word for it. When we trust Him. The story of Christmas is true. Read here and believe!

Strength in Surrender

Strength in Surrender Story of Nehemiah

Strength in Surrender. The story of Nehemiah is one that grabs my heart every time. From beginning to end, I see a man of strength through surrender. Though surrendered leadership seems an oxymoron, when we are surrendered to the Lord, it becomes our greatest strength. Read the amazing story of Nehemiah and the remnant of Israel rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem after Babylonian captivity. It is God’s miraculous hand moving through people surrendered completely to Him.

The Power of Sin is Broken! Past, Present and Future!

Power of Sin is Broken Past Present and Future

By Melissa McLaughlin New Growth Spring brings a variety of sweet memories from my past and heartwarming feelings of anticipation in the present. A fond memory from my childhood is that of my father starting seeds indoors in early spring. Sometimes in egg cartons, sometimes in small peat pots. The seeds would be carefully buried … Read more

Waiting Well

Waiting well with God means we place ourselves close to Him

By Melissa McLaughlin As Children – We Can’t Wait I remember it like yesterday. With eager faces and fidgety bodies we sat through the Christmas Eve service at church. Angel costumes, eyes twinkling, voices resounding, Christmas carols ringing. We were there, but looking forward, looking ahead, looking onward. Following the church service, our parents bustled … Read more

The Joy of Brokenhearted Praise

the joy of brokenhearted praise the sacrifice of praise

By Melissa McLaughlin The End of Our Strength We’ve all been there. That moment when the relationship falls apart and the memories are strewn on the floor in millions of shattered glass shards. When the job opportunity disintegrates before our eyes sending dark billowing clouds across our horizon. When the doctor gives the diagnosis you … Read more

Two Times Jesus was Amazed! What Would it Take? Amazing Faith

two times jesus was amazed amazing faith

By Melissa McLaughlin Faith in a Mother’s Love My eyes scanned the audience. There she was. Her soft gray hair and gentle smile radiating love toward all, but especially toward me, her daughter. I remember looking for her among the crowd. Though the kind faces of others were a sweet comfort, there was no face … Read more

Unquenchable Faith

Unquenchable Faith

By Melissa McLaughlin Faith. With sun scorched thirst Bending over the rushing stream My eyes light with joy Knowing my feverishly parched soul will soon be satiated I cup my hands Carefully scooping every slosh I gather with all the strength of my force Every drop of You But as I lift my hands I … Read more