God Blesses You With His Name

God Blesses You With His Name

By Melissa McLaughlin A New Name My eyes tear up as I remember that day. It seems like only yesterday we said, “I do.” I met my husband at church. Our tender friendship grew into a committed relationship and culminated in our marriage a few years later. We celebrated this sacred occasion with a worshipful … Read more

When days are cold, Jesus is near

When days are cold, Jesus is close

By Melissa McLaughlin When Days are Cold The air stung my cheeks as we trudged along that winter day. An overcast sky shadowed our steps. A hint of snow whispered in the wind. We hiked this same trail just a few months earlier, our senses flooded with rich fall foliage, vivid colors and the scent … Read more

What do you think about the Messiah? Psalm 110

What do you think about the Messiah? Psalm 110

By Melissa McLaughlin Reading the Bible can be positively life-changing. Imagine this, the Voice of Him who spoke us into existence is found in these pages. Is it any wonder we need His Word to live? The Bible contains God’s will, character, law, heart and His marvelous message of salvation in Christ. If we allow … Read more

What is the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) in the Bible?

what is the feast of tabernacles (sukkoth) in the bible

By Melissa McLaughlin The Feast of Tabernacles is the last of three fall feasts appointed and initiated by God in the Old Testament. The Feast (or Festival) of Tabernacles is also referred to as: The Feast of Booths / Ingathering / Shelters or in Hebrew “Sukkot”. The word Sukkot is the plural form of “sukkah” … Read more

How to Read and Understand the Bible – 4 Simple Tips

How to Read and Understand the Bible 4 Simple Tips

By Melissa McLaughlin One of my favorite summertime joys is seeing flowers arrayed in their colorful, radiant glory. My parents have the most amazing bush that blooms each year during mid-summer months. Every evening at dusk several blossoms on the Evening Primrose burst open and fully expand within about 45 seconds. First we stand back … Read more

A Call to Fast and Pray – 3 Ways to Fast

A Call to Fast and Pray - 3 Ways to Pray

By Melissa McLaughlin The first time I participated in a time of prayer and fasting was in high school. In order to raise awareness and raise money to fight world hunger, our church youth group organized a sleepover at the church that included a time of prayer and fasting. This afforded us the opportunity to … Read more

Poem: In the Garden of Gethsemane

Christian Poem In the Garden of Gethsemane

By Melissa McLaughlin His footsteps fall softly in the olive grove Enveloped in verdant Garden fragrance The tender leaves, the stalwart trunks rooted and still, The young olive fruit swelling with sustenance A Garden pulsing with life Yet death casts its shadow there The earthy soil once wet with morning dew, Now soaked with the … Read more

Gentleness: Christ on Display in our Every Day

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness. Power under God's control

By Melissa McLaughlin Have you ever stepped into an emotional or relational landmine? Suddenly a passing comment or simple exchange takes on a wartime feel and you find yourself dodging verbal bullets, seemingly out of nowhere. At moments like these, our souls long for a touch of gentleness. A remembrance that we are only human, … Read more

How I Became a Christian

How I Became a Christian

By Melissa McLaughlin Ever heard one of those remarkable testimonies of someone whose life was dramatically changed after they became a Christian? I get so excited to hear about God’s mighty hand moving in people’s lives. For many years, I felt my experience following Christ lacked the pizzazz that marked other’s journeys. But this is … Read more

What is the Tabernacle? 8 Ways Jesus is Our Tabernacle

What is the Tabernacle 7 Ways Jesus is Our Tabernacle

By Melissa McLaughlin Too Far Away Oh, how we wept. She was our first child. Following a difficult pregnancy, with many scary bumps along the way, she was finally born. Though five weeks early, our greatly anticipated child was born. At first we were relieved and rejoicing simply that she was alive! Smiles, laughter, tears! … Read more

What is Passover? How is Jesus the Final Passover Lamb?

What is Passover? How is Jesus the Final Passover Lamb?

By Melissa McLaughlin In Over My Head It was our honeymoon! What joy! We had decided to celebrate in Acapulco, Mexico. The food was scrumptious, the people joyful, the beaches beautiful and the water was warm and inviting. Being an avid ocean swimmer, I convinced my husband to take a snorkeling trip for an up-close-and-personal … Read more

Jesus and Snakes? Tracing the Path to John 3:16

Jesus and snakes John 3:16

By Melissa McLaughlin John 3:16 I was mesmerized. My eyes were glued to a closely matched, nail-biting game of college football, when all of a sudden, there he was. The camera scanned the cheering crowd and then zoomed in on the young man, his face and chest painted pitch-black, contrasted starkly by the carefully painted … Read more

Where the Water Flows

Christian Poem where the water flows living water

By Melissa McLaughlin I walked one day where the water flows Gently bubbling joy Singing peaceful melodies Unheard by most who passed by Giggling splashing over rocks Fresh and crystal clear Rushing free Full of life On and on and on If you listen carefully You can hear its song The Living Water plays on … Read more

Here’s how I’m able to help you

how I'm able to help you Melissa McLaughlin Truthful Grace

The world can sometimes feel cold and dark. How quickly a day that began in sunshine and warmth can evaporate like mist in the wind. How can you rekindle the embers of your soul and keep your heart glowing? During the darkest times of my life, it was the heart and words of Jesus that … Read more