Do not worry… Consider the Lilies

Do not worry... Consider the Lilies

By Melissa McLaughlin The Anxieties of Life With each passing day, it seems the weight of this world grows heavier. Turmoil and division on every side. The cost of living rising steadily. Empty shelves and help wanted signs. Concerns for health with varying and opposing viewpoints. Media, culture and entertainment in outright opposition to God’s … Read more

Standing on the Rock in the Storm

Standing on the Rock in the Storm

By Melissa McLaughlin The Rock There it stood. Rugged, wild and immovable. Our family excursion to Maine brought us to the picturesque Pemaquid Point. We climbed along the rocky outcropping that stood firm against the onslaught of ocean waves. Though the waves rolled in, crashing with rhythmic force, yet the rock stood firm. We stood … Read more

Be Still My Soul – 3 Messages of Peace from Jesus

be still my soul 3 messages of peace from jesus

By Melissa McLaughlin When my kids were young, some of our beloved family pets were hamsters. Our first hamster was affectionately named Hammy. Hammy was a soft, brown and white, handful of cuddly love. At night, Hammy scampered through the trails and tunnels of his plastic hamster cage, like an energetic child unleashed at Chuck … Read more

Peace on Earth! But What Kind of Peace Did Jesus Bring?

peace on earth what kind of peace did jesus bring

By Melissa McLaughlin Peace on Earth! Joy to the world, the Lord is come! One of the sweet joys of the Christmas season for me is the sound of Christmas carols flooding the air. Joyful songs that tell of the birth of Jesus our Savior, played in the stores, in the workplace and freely released … Read more

Whispers of Grace

whispers of grace God's whisper still small voice

By Melissa McLaughlin The fog descended like a fuzzy gray blanket blurring out any sharply focused thinking. The day before, my husband was admitted into the hospital after experiencing an unexpected health issue. Unsure of what lay ahead, we listened carefully to the doctor’s plan of action with deep gratitude for the medical care since … Read more