Powerful Prayer Tool – Praising Over Pleading

Powerful Prayer Tool Praising Over Pleading

By Melissa McLaughlin Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected, unwanted situation and watched your mind and emotions spiral into a pit of ceaseless churning negativity? Have you ever prayed long and hard for something, only to witness that prayer go unanswered and as a result then began to question God’s goodness or God’s … Read more

Collecting – It’s Life or Death!

Collecting It's life or death manna in the wilderness

By Melissa McLaughlin Collecting The good news? I am a minimalist. This means, I actually enjoy cleaning out and donating unused items, reducing clutter and simplifying my surroundings and life. For me, less is truly more. The bad news? I am surrounded by a long line of collectors. This means, most of my family actually … Read more

The Joy of Brokenhearted Praise

the joy of brokenhearted praise the sacrifice of praise

By Melissa McLaughlin The End of Our Strength We’ve all been there. That moment when the relationship falls apart and the memories are strewn on the floor in millions of shattered glass shards. When the job opportunity disintegrates before our eyes sending dark billowing clouds across our horizon. When the doctor gives the diagnosis you … Read more