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During the darkest time in my life, I lost my voice to pray. I learned to articulate my heart’s cry using Scripture. Jesus’ words restored my voice, and I experienced His peace through prayer.

Are you going through a difficult time? Do you want God to infuse more fire into your prayers? Read about the prayer strategies that changed my life. Check out my book, available on Amazon: In Dark of Night When Words Fail.

5 Star Reviews:

“In this book, she blends her gift of teaching, her love for Jesus, and her knowledge of the Bible to create a beautifully written book that is meant to be a helpful tool to anyone who needs comfort and guidance along this wonderful, but sometimes difficult, journey called Life!” -Jeanette

This book is a great resource to keep on hand and share with anyone who is struggling, new to faith, or working on their prayer life!” -Jamie

“This book is beautifully written and crafted in a way that is logical yet possessing the ability to spark your imagination at the same time.” -Waddell

“Wonderful read and beautifully written.” Kristina

Melissa McLaughlin Truthful Grace Book - In Dark of Night When Words Fail Voice of Jesus Pray For Me

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Update on My Next Book

My upcoming book is called…

The Whole Bible Devotional

66 Readings From Every Book of the Bible, Helping you See Jesus Throughout the Scriptures

How many people have tried to read the whole Bible and failed? How many others trudged through, but couldn’t put the pieces together at the end? Is there an easy way to gain an overview of the Bible, using all sixty-six books from Genesis to Revelation?

Through the Bible With Jesus helps readers make sense of the Bible and see its connectivity through sixty-six representative passages from each book. Each Scripture passage is followed by a corresponding prayer to help readers personally engage with the text. This unique Bible guide provides an accessible way for Christians to grow in their biblical knowledge and prayer life, while taking in the whole counsel of Scripture and the main message of the Bible, Jesus Christ.

Through the Bible with Jesus helps readers with today’s busy schedules gain an overview of the Bible and see Jesus woven throughout. In a mere sixty-six days, readers gain a more holistic understanding of God’s masterful plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation.

Family Life Activities

Looking for a fun way to retell The Gospel / Easter Story with your family, Sunday School class, or youth group? Get everyone engaged and smiling with these Scripture activities as you remember the sweetest story ever told.

The Gospel – Easter Story with Candy