Poem: Summer Grace in Firefly Light

Poem Summer Grace in Firefly Light

By Melissa McLaughlin In still evening hush The lightning bug arises Commencing its summer dance of glory. Greenish yellow glow Twinkles on and then off Floating, flickering, fleeting. One blink and it’s gone. No loud boom of fireworks No harsh strobe lights or overdone efforts of mankind striving to be seen and heard. Human vain … Read more

Poem: Blooming and Releasing

Poem Blooming and Releasing

By Melissa McLaughlin Blooming and Releasing My soul revives in spring glory. Earthy scents of wet soil Touch my nose in the puffy wind. Driving on highways Once barren and dark The world heard God’s call, “Out with the old, In with the new.” Buds, blooms, and blossoms awaken In rarest hues reserved for spring, … Read more

Poem: God’s love is like…

Poem: God's love is like...

By Melissa McLaughlin God’s love is a rushing waterfall. Steadfast cleansing refreshing Carrying life onward and forever Unstoppable. God’s love is like downy snow. Effervescent, emanating light holy pure ever-fresh Endless design and delight. God’s love is a daffodil. Announcing life after winter’s cold death. Undaunted by nipping winds or packed earth. The dawning season … Read more

Grateful as the Falling Leaves

Grateful as the Falling Leaves

By Melissa McLaughlin Grateful as the falling leaves Releasing their tiny grip In joyful abandon Tumbling free Following the wind’s touch Lighting darkened alleys With splashes of orange, red, yellow, and brown Piling high in gutters and ditches Filling the world with remembrance… What once was living, though now dead, is still moving Announcing God’s … Read more

Bearer of Christ’s Light

Bearer of Christ's Light

By Melissa McLaughlin Darkness looms. Heavy. Still. Shadowed. Whispered deceptions. Seething accusations. Cloaked lies swirling. “You are not loved. No one really cares. You are called by your failures, mistakes, sins.” Hope fading Despair eclipses. Encased now in shame’s blanket Darkness envelopes. A crack in the door of your heart. A golden shaft pierces through. … Read more

Poem: In the Garden of Gethsemane

Christian Poem In the Garden of Gethsemane

By Melissa McLaughlin His footsteps fall softly in the olive grove Enveloped in verdant Garden fragrance The tender leaves, the stalwart trunks rooted and still, The young olive fruit swelling with sustenance A Garden pulsing with life Yet death casts its shadow there The earthy soil once wet with morning dew, Now soaked with the … Read more

Passing By

Christian poem Passing By

By Melissa McLaughlin Lord, let me not pass by Let me not pass by without a glance at Your glory Your splendor Your majesty Your golden voice singing, “See what I have made, For joy For wonder For awe For beauty So you can gaze And not pass by My gentle touch Waiting for you … Read more


Christian poem branding her with a new name

By Melissa McLaughlin Plumb the depths Of her pulsing heart Truth ablaze Fiery vision Touching now the still cold walls Of her tender mind With Burning coal Branding her With a new name… Forgiven one Additional poems you might enjoy: Waves of Mercy – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Refiner’s Fire – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin

Waves of Mercy

Christian poem Waves of Mercy

By Melissa McLaughlin Waves of mercy Powerful Strong Ever moving Wash over me Swirl around my heart Flood my soul In wave after wave Of eternal beauty As before the throne of heaven Additional poems you might enjoy: Song of the Rose – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Where the Water Flows – Poem by Melissa … Read more

Genesis 1

Christian poem Genesis 1 in the beginning

By Melissa McLaughlin His Spirit hovers Water swirls Earth mists Shapeless Formless Timeless Trembling Moving Waiting For God to speak In the beginning Genesis 1:1-2 Additional poems you might enjoy: Rock of Ages – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Holy Symmetry – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin

Breath of God

Christian poem Breath of God

By Melissa McLaughlin Breath of God Lift me in the winds of heaven ‘Til arias of angels Float through my frame Refresh my gasping soul With the oxygen of Life Your Spirit Your Breath Your Word As I wait For that Great Day When I see You At last Coming on the Clouds To bear … Read more

The Potter’s Hands

Christian poem The potter's hands

By Melissa McLaughlin In the Potter’s hands He turns me Gently molding Firmly holding Heaven’s golding Bending Pressing Shaping Swirling Barely recognizing This old lump of clay Glimpse His glistening glory See His unfolding story Waiting while He works Here in the Potter’s hands Additional poems you might enjoy: Paperclip Prayer – Poem and Prayer … Read more

Let Freedom Ring

Christian poem Let Freedom Ring

By Melissa McLaughlin The Statue of Liberty I weep as I stand I weep as I gaze I weep as I lift high the torch of Light, Freedom, Truth. Let freedom in Christ ring loud and long. For man’s fiercest freedom song fades like trumpets tolling “Taps” in the misty evening air. Additional poems you … Read more

He Lives

Christian Poem He Lives

By Melissa McLaughlin Delicate trumpets Of sunshine yellow Heralding their Maker’s Joy! Making all things new The Creator And Re-Creator Of never-ending Beauty and grace Up from the grave He Lives! O come, Let us adore Him! Photo by Melissa McLaughlin Additional poems you might enjoy: All Things New – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Song … Read more

Song of the Rose

Christian Poem Song of the Rose

By Melissa McLaughlin Soft pink petals Sing of a greater One Creator, Savior and King Wearing the thorns From the roses He made Jesus of You, they sing Photo by Melissa McLaughlin Additional poems you might enjoy: Vision of Red – Poem and prayer by Melissa McLaughlin He Lives – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin

Broken Edges

Christian Poem Broken Edges

By Melissa McLaughlin The broken edges of my heart Sanded down With storms and waves And gentle Living Water To smooth my jagged points And rough ends Making me fit for even a child’s hands To collect the hidden treasure of His love In this tattered old Earthen shell Additional poems you might enjoy: The … Read more

Vision of Red

Christian Poem Prayer Vision of Red

By Melissa McLaughlin Jesus, give me a fresh vision you today, that I may see the depths of your love flowing down, rivers of red, drenching my parched soul, covering every tarnished sin-stain with your beautiful, holy, pure, blood. A glorious gift of your heavenly heart for my frail and needy one. Additional poems you … Read more

Rock of Ages

Christian Poem Rock of Ages

By Melissa McLaughlin The Rock on which I stand Immovable Immeasurable Immortal Though darkness falls Though oceans roll Though terror calls With one breath He utters Peace. Be still. Creation bows His voice echoes What He says, Is. Be still my heart The Rock of ages Has spoken. Additional poems you might enjoy: Starry Night … Read more

Beauty Flutters By

Christian poem Beauty Flutters By

By Melissa McLaughlin Beauty flutters by On gentle wings And graceful stripes And whispered melodies Stop me in my tracks Oh God Pause me in my hurried pace Of digitized frenzy And virtual strife To witness heaven’s hum Of unrushed sacred stillness When fluttering beauty comes Photo by Melissa McLaughlin Additional poems you may enjoy: … Read more

Holy Symmetry

Christian Poem Holy Symmetry

By Melissa McLaughlin Fearful symmetry Wild and wondrous Fierce and free Divinely designed Untameable infinite intricacy Complex chaos kept Powerful patterned play Fall in fear Before One who With but a breath Calls it to be Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty Creation testifies Glory! *Inspired by the poem Fearful Symmetry by William Blake Other … Read more

All Things New

Christian Poem All Things New

By Melissa McLaughlin All things made new Oh Lion and Lamb His once dead body Breathes again From dust to life From sorrow to peace His power unending His grace unleashed His justice rolls down His truth sets free His gentleness heals His mercy redeems Oh believer, yes, it’s true He who lives again Makes … Read more


Christian Poem Behold the Son

By Melissa McLaughlin Awaken, oh my soul! Awaken with dawn’s new light Let the mist of sleepy soul slumber Roll back before the radiant One As golden glimmers of hope Twinkle on my heart’s horizon Rise up, oh my soul Rise up and behold The Son! Additional poems you might enjoy: Beauty Flutters By – … Read more

Unquenchable Faith

Unquenchable Faith

By Melissa McLaughlin Faith. With sun scorched thirst Bending over the rushing stream My eyes light with joy Knowing my feverishly parched soul will soon be satiated I cup my hands Carefully scooping every slosh I gather with all the strength of my force Every drop of You But as I lift my hands I … Read more

Alive and Breathing

Christian Poem Holy Spirit Alive and Breathing

By Melissa McLaughlin Holy Spirit, breathe through me Fill my lungs with your heavenly freshness Rush through me, mighty River, with cleansing force Routing any debris left behind by squandered living Open wide the doors of my heart Preparing the way for the King of Glory Whip open my windows with your windy fury Sweeping … Read more

Where the Water Flows

Christian Poem where the water flows living water

By Melissa McLaughlin I walked one day where the water flows Gently bubbling joy Singing peaceful melodies Unheard by most who passed by Giggling splashing over rocks Fresh and crystal clear Rushing free Full of life On and on and on If you listen carefully You can hear its song The Living Water plays on … Read more

From A Mother’s Heart

from a mother's heart a mother's prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of my precious children, heart of my own heart, gift from heaven above. Until they were born, I did not realize how deep, fierce and untameable a mother’s love could be. But even this unexplainable force of love is not mine to own. It is from You, the … Read more

Moon Song

Christian Poem Moon Song

By Melissa McLaughlin I hear you, oh glistening moon Hanging way up there by nothing at all Displaying your hushed radiance Bold and steady, singing through dark night skies with silver white force Outshining city lights with the brilliance of angels A call to see To see Not your own vast glowing beauty But a … Read more

She Bows Her Head

Christian Poem She bows her head

By Melissa McLaughlin A seed is fallen, takes root, lifts her tiny arms A sunflower is born The sun warms her depths Up from the earth, the rain pulses through her Drawing strength from the Creator’s touch planted deep within Growing, reaching, stretching toward the golden Sunlight Strong now, steady, tall and mighty among all … Read more

Hidden There

memories of my children hidden there in my heart

By Melissa McLaughlin Hidden there In my mind’s photo box are pictures of your wide eyes sparkling not able to take it all in and your baby soft cheeks smiling up at me little hands just learning to spell your name, “Mommy” and “I love u” new sneakers, clean and white, ready for puddles on … Read more

My Teacher’s Prayer

My teacher's prayer

By Melissa McLaughlin Dear God, Please fill me. Fill me with the joy of learning again. Fill me with the wonder of new questions. Fill me with enthusiasm for accomplishments large and small. Fill me with patience, finding new ways to explain once more. Fill me with love for each precious child, each miracle of … Read more