10 Scripture Blessings for Fathers

10 scripture blessings for fathers

By Melissa McLaughlin An Umbrella of Love As a young married couple, sadness like a crushing wave swept over us when my father-in-law passed away before our first child was born. My husband described the loss of his dad like an umbrella of love and protection that was abruptly ripped away. When trudging through a … Read more

Memories of Dad

memories of dad

By Melissa McLaughlin I will always remember our one and only childhood trip to Florida. After the 25+ hour drive to sunny Florida all the way from the hills of Pennsylvania, we were overjoyed to finally reach our destination! We pulled into the Walt Disney World campground, our home away from home. My dad carefully … Read more

Hidden There

memories of my children hidden there in my heart

By Melissa McLaughlin Hidden there In my mind’s photo box are pictures of your wide eyes sparkling not able to take it all in and your baby soft cheeks smiling up at me little hands just learning to spell your name, “Mommy” and “I love u” new sneakers, clean and white, ready for puddles on … Read more