What is the Foundation for Your Life?

What is the Foundation for Your Life

By Melissa McLaughlin A Good Foundation The moment we begin, we wonder how it will all turn out. Each year, around Thanksgiving, my family makes gingerbread houses. With painstaking care, my mom rolls, cuts, and bakes the gingerbread dough by hand. We use gumdrops, M&Ms, licorice, and our imaginations to decorate the houses. Mom’s recipe … Read more

Suffering for Christ

Suffering for Christ

By Melissa McLaughlin Following Jesus We’ve all been there. There is a sting when we don’t fit in. Friends at school make plans for their party, but we don’t make the list. Co-workers overlook us during the lunch conversation. People give us that uncomfortable side-glance when we pray over meals. An unbeliever on social media … Read more

Following God’s Call: Yvonne Morgan

Following God's Call Interview with Yvonne Morgan

Following God’s Call Interview with Yvonne Morgan Yvonne Morgan is a gifted Christian author and speaker who is also dear friend. Her life and faith have deeply inspired me. She uplifts others in big ways and small, through missions work, through writing, and through faith in action. Yvonne writes a weekly blog sharing authentic stories … Read more

How Should Christians View the Law? New Testament Teaching (Part 2)

How Should Christians View the Law New Testament Teaching Part 2

By Melissa McLaughlin I have observed many controversies surrounding Christianity and the Old Testament Law. In our previous discussion on this topic, we looked at How Should Christians View the Law? Jesus and the Law (Part 1). It is critical to consider the whole counsel of God, understanding the Bible as a whole. We will … Read more

How Should Christians View the Law? Jesus & the Law (Part 1)

How Christians Should View the Law Jesus and the Law Part 1

By Melissa McLaughlin I have wondered about the tension between Christianity and the Old Testament Law for some time. I observe some Christians who live as if we have a license to sin because we are saved by grace and no longer under the Law. While on the other hand, I know some Christians who … Read more

10 Scripture Blessings for Fathers

10 scripture blessings for fathers

By Melissa McLaughlin An Umbrella of Love As a young married couple, sadness like a crushing wave swept over us when my father-in-law passed away before our first child was born. My husband described the loss of his dad like an umbrella of love and protection that was abruptly ripped away. When trudging through a … Read more

Lifelong Pursuit of Christ: Melinda V. Inman

Lifelong Pursuit of Christ Melinda V. Inman

A Lifelong Pursuit of Christ As followers of Christ, we discover a journey that takes us through nourishing, green pastures, still waters of refreshment and at times, deep, dark valleys. Our Good Shepherd saves us, leads us, cares for us and loves us all along the way. Therefore, our greatest desire is to live for … Read more

The Power of a Kind Word

The Power of a Kind Word

By Melissa McLaughlin The weight of sadness in this world with its division, hatred, animosity and harshness, at times feels like a heavy blanket of evil pressing against my soul. Every word spoken, seems to assume the worst and allows for no grace. Every news cast highlights the most destructive possible view of humanity. Every … Read more

A Call to Fast and Pray – 3 Ways to Fast

A Call to Fast and Pray - 3 Ways to Pray

By Melissa McLaughlin The first time I participated in a time of prayer and fasting was in high school. In order to raise awareness and raise money to fight world hunger, our church youth group organized a sleepover at the church that included a time of prayer and fasting. This afforded us the opportunity to … Read more

My Prayer for the World at Such a Time as This

By Melissa McLaughlin We are living in a time we could never have imagined. The world and its systems have come to a screeching halt. Businesses, schools, churches, activities, travel have all been put on hold. In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus pandemic turned the spotlight on the fragility of our lives. The simple … Read more

Is it Time for a Greater Awakening?

Greater Awakening

By Melissa McLaughlin If we jump back in time just 300 hundred years or so, we find some miraculous events sweeping through the Christian church in the United States and Britain. A spiritual revival was breaking out, the likes of which had never been seen before. So powerful and widespread was this revival, that the … Read more

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer – 3 Parables

jesus teaching on prayer 3 parables

By Melissa McLaughlin We all love a good story! I have an uncle who can tell a story like nobody’s business. Complete with animated facial expressions, exuberant gestures and winsome voice inflection. The listeners are always captivated and waiting for the punchline at the end. Jesus knew the power of a good story and used … Read more

How Did Jesus Pray? The Model Prayer

How Did Jesus Pray? The Model Prayer

By Melissa McLaughlin Close Communication Who is your closest friend? Our closest friends are typically those with whom we share our deepest aches, goofiest moments and most candid thoughts. We rest in their love for us knowing they will enjoy the high points, cry with us in the low points and gently but honestly correct … Read more

Believer or Follower – Which one are you?

Disciple Believer or Follower which one are you

By Melissa McLaughlin “Hola, clase!” called our teacher as we entered the classroom. “Hola, professor!” was our hearty response. My faint and intermittent memories of high school Spanish class waft through my mind now and then like a whispery wind. Though I loved learning a second language, my long-term memory is sadly scant. I enjoyed … Read more

Do Not Judge – What Did Jesus Really Mean?

Do Not Judge What did Jesus really mean?

By Melissa McLaughlin “Don’t judge.” “Judge not or you will be judged.” That is straight from the Bible. Perhaps among the most frequently quoted words, in fact. But what did Jesus really mean? Does it mean that my friend, who was physically and sexually abused by her father and brother, should pretend they have done … Read more

Jesus is Victor! A Message of Hope from Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom a Message of Hope

By Melissa McLaughlin Sometimes, a message of God’s hope is the only gift you can offer another person. Sometimes, this is the only gift we really need. Corrie Ten Boom’s Family Life One woman who has inspired multitudes with her message of hope in Christ is Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie was born in the Netherlands … Read more

The Power of Sin is Broken! Past, Present and Future!

Power of Sin is Broken Past Present and Future

By Melissa McLaughlin New Growth Spring brings a variety of sweet memories from my past and heartwarming feelings of anticipation in the present. A fond memory from my childhood is that of my father starting seeds indoors in early spring. Sometimes in egg cartons, sometimes in small peat pots. The seeds would be carefully buried … Read more

Collecting – It’s Life or Death!

Collecting It's life or death manna in the wilderness

By Melissa McLaughlin Collecting The good news? I am a minimalist. This means, I actually enjoy cleaning out and donating unused items, reducing clutter and simplifying my surroundings and life. For me, less is truly more. The bad news? I am surrounded by a long line of collectors. This means, most of my family actually … Read more

Holding Loosely

holding loosely to this life holding on to God

By Melissa McLaughlin Holding Loosely There it was in a tangled knot. My mother’s precious necklace. This was a sweet heirloom, the necklace my father had given her upon their engagement. She passed this graceful keepsake along to me as a young adult. Because my mother didn’t wear a lot of jewelry and because they … Read more

One Thing You Lack

One Thing You Lack

By Melissa McLaughlin The Person Who Has Everything What do you get for the person who has everything? This is one of the big questions and sales gimmicks shoppers face during the holiday season. Each year it seems production and marketing companies get more and more creative in answering this call. Chia pets in every … Read more

The Best of Me

giving God the best of me

By Melissa McLaughlin Memory of Love They were just ages five and three. My two sweet daughters were preschoolers and our days were filled with alphabet songs, Raggedy Ann stories and make-believe veterinarian hospitals with waiting rooms full of stuffed animals covered in Disney band-aids. Our son was not yet adopted, so it was just … Read more