By Melissa McLaughlin

A seed is fallen, takes root, lifts her tiny arms

A sunflower is born

The sun warms her depths

Up from the earth, the rain pulses through her

Drawing strength from the Creator’s touch planted deep within

Growing, reaching, stretching toward the golden Sunlight

Strong now, steady, tall and mighty among all


Waiting to shine more of herself

Heavy with seeds of new life, new hope, new harvest

School Starts 2014 005

She bows her head, offering all that’s left of the life within to the ones who come behind

What once was one is now many

The wind blows again and she bows her head lower still

A bright yellow star has fallen

With the bowing of her head

A new seed poised

A new dream ready

A new life given

The Creator knew

In His hands

Glory rises!


All Photos © Melissa McLaughlin

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