Poem: Blooming and Releasing

Poem Blooming and Releasing

By Melissa McLaughlin Blooming and Releasing My soul revives in spring glory. Earthy scents of wet soil Touch my nose in the puffy wind. Driving on highways Once barren and dark The world heard God’s call, “Out with the old, In with the new.” Buds, blooms, and blossoms awaken In rarest hues reserved for spring, … Read more

Can You Hear the Train’s Call?

Can you hear the train's call

By Melissa McLaughlin The Train’s Call Oftentimes in the evening, I can hear a train whistle in the distance. Though miles from our house, still the train’s horn floats over the air. After daytime noises have died down, the engine’s song echoes over hills and valleys, announcing its trek through the night. It reminds me … Read more

Poem: God’s love is like…

Poem: God's love is like...

By Melissa McLaughlin God’s love is a rushing waterfall. Steadfast cleansing refreshing Carrying life onward and forever Unstoppable. God’s love is like downy snow. Effervescent, emanating light holy pure ever-fresh Endless design and delight. God’s love is a daffodil. Announcing life after winter’s cold death. Undaunted by nipping winds or packed earth. The dawning season … Read more

Grateful as the Falling Leaves

Grateful as the Falling Leaves

By Melissa McLaughlin Grateful as the falling leaves Releasing their tiny grip In joyful abandon Tumbling free Following the wind’s touch Lighting darkened alleys With splashes of orange, red, yellow, and brown Piling high in gutters and ditches Filling the world with remembrance… What once was living, though now dead, is still moving Announcing God’s … Read more

God’s Voice Resounds: Psalm 19

God's Voice Resounds Psalm 19

By Melissa McLaughlin Food for the Soul One bite is all it takes. Savoring a delicious meal is a simple pleasure in my life. The aromas, varied textures, and wonderful flavors bring delight. Even as I imagine a favorite dessert, my mouth begins to water. Taking a bite of apple pie is a little slice … Read more

How God Blesses us with Dew

How God blesses us with Dew

By Melissa McLaughlin A Morning View The scene took my breath away. I slipped downstairs to turn on the coffee and begin my day with quiet prayer. In early mornings my eyes are drawn to the windows for a quick peek outdoors. God’s amazing artistry always brightens my outlook. I anticipate the wonders He creates … Read more

How Does God Define Love?

how does God define love

By Melissa McLaughlin The World’s Definition of Love I swayed to the rhythm and hummed along, “What’s love got to do with it? What’s love but a second-hand emotion?” Recently, while sitting in the waiting room at my doctor’s office, I listened to the lyrics of songs playing softly in the background. The repeating theme … Read more

When days are cold, Jesus is near

When days are cold, Jesus is close

By Melissa McLaughlin When Days are Cold The air stung my cheeks as we trudged along that winter day. An overcast sky shadowed our steps. A hint of snow whispered in the wind. We hiked this same trail just a few months earlier, our senses flooded with rich fall foliage, vivid colors and the scent … Read more

How Should Christians View the Law? Jesus & the Law (Part 1)

How Christians Should View the Law Jesus and the Law Part 1

By Melissa McLaughlin I have wondered about the tension between Christianity and the Old Testament Law for some time. I observe some Christians who live as if we have a license to sin because we are saved by grace and no longer under the Law. While on the other hand, I know some Christians who … Read more

Who is this King of glory? Psalm 24

Who is this King of glory Psalm 24

By Melissa McLaughlin I stand amazed at the beauty of God’s Word, the Bible. God’s powerful plan of redemption in Christ echoes on and on. As we reflect on Psalm 24, the rich layers of God’s Word reverberate with His unchanging glory, truth and majesty. Let’s walk through this passage and ponder the wonders of … Read more

The Psalm that Inspired Joy to the World

The Psalm that inspired Joy to the World

By Melissa McLaughlin The Whole World Sings How the sun sparkled! It was a sunny morning after a big winter storm. A nor’easter. A December storm that dumped snow, sleet and freezing rain on our community through the night. We awoke to a blanket of white as far as the eye could see. Still untouched, … Read more

God’s Eternal Garden

God's Eternal Garden in Heaven

By Melissa McLaughlin One of the great pleasures of summertime is enjoying fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden. The deep red tomatoes, crunchy sweet cucumbers, lush green squash and overflowing beans. The list goes on and on and on. All year we wait for one bite of this sumptuous and long-awaited delicacy. As I … Read more

To Bear the Image of the Man of Heaven

To Bear the Image of the Man of Heaven

By Melissa McLaughlin An Artist’s Image I love to gaze upon the beauty of an inspired piece of art. My husband is an artist and I enjoy pausing to reflect on his work for long stretches of time. The dynamic colors, the flowing brushstrokes, the composition of objects in the foreground and background, the images … Read more

Genesis 1

Christian poem Genesis 1 in the beginning

By Melissa McLaughlin His Spirit hovers Water swirls Earth mists Shapeless Formless Timeless Trembling Moving Waiting For God to speak In the beginning Genesis 1:1-2 Additional poems you might enjoy: Rock of Ages – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Holy Symmetry – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin

The Potter’s Hands

Christian poem The potter's hands

By Melissa McLaughlin In the Potter’s hands He turns me Gently molding Firmly holding Heaven’s golding Bending Pressing Shaping Swirling Barely recognizing This old lump of clay Glimpse His glistening glory See His unfolding story Waiting while He works Here in the Potter’s hands Additional poems you might enjoy: Paperclip Prayer – Poem and Prayer … Read more

He Lives

Christian Poem He Lives

By Melissa McLaughlin Delicate trumpets Of sunshine yellow Heralding their Maker’s Joy! Making all things new The Creator And Re-Creator Of never-ending Beauty and grace Up from the grave He Lives! O come, Let us adore Him! Photo by Melissa McLaughlin Additional poems you might enjoy: All Things New – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Song … Read more

Beauty Flutters By

Christian poem Beauty Flutters By

By Melissa McLaughlin Beauty flutters by On gentle wings And graceful stripes And whispered melodies Stop me in my tracks Oh God Pause me in my hurried pace Of digitized frenzy And virtual strife To witness heaven’s hum Of unrushed sacred stillness When fluttering beauty comes Photo by Melissa McLaughlin Additional poems you may enjoy: … Read more

Holy Symmetry

Christian Poem Holy Symmetry

By Melissa McLaughlin Fearful symmetry Wild and wondrous Fierce and free Divinely designed Untameable infinite intricacy Complex chaos kept Powerful patterned play Fall in fear Before One who With but a breath Calls it to be Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty Creation testifies Glory! *Inspired by the poem Fearful Symmetry by William Blake Other … Read more

From Clay to Heaven – Be Amazed by Your God!

God is an amazing Creator

By Melissa McLaughlin My Husband’s Art My husband, Tom McLaughlin, is an artist. And oh, how I love his creations! From pen and ink sketches, to oil and acrylic paints on canvas, to clay vases, to stylized calligraphy – it is all a wonder to me! One year for Christmas, my husband gave me an … Read more

The Power of a Name

what does the name I AM mean

By Melissa McLaughlin The Power of a Name “What should we name her?” came the expectant and reverent voices of my children. My daughter had discovered an abandoned kitten in my parents’ barn. Crying, wailing, calling for someone to rescue her. And rescue her we did! Immediately we began preparations for welcoming a new kitten … Read more

She Bows Her Head

Christian Poem She bows her head

By Melissa McLaughlin A seed is fallen, takes root, lifts her tiny arms A sunflower is born The sun warms her depths Up from the earth, the rain pulses through her Drawing strength from the Creator’s touch planted deep within Growing, reaching, stretching toward the golden Sunlight Strong now, steady, tall and mighty among all … Read more