Following God’s Call: Yvonne Morgan

Following God’s Call

Interview with Yvonne Morgan

Yvonne Morgan is a gifted Christian author and speaker who is also dear friend. Her life and faith have deeply inspired me. She uplifts others in big ways and small, through missions work, through writing, and through faith in action. Yvonne writes a weekly blog sharing authentic stories of hope, writes for a monthly magazine, has published several books, cares for her family and extends Christ’s love to orphans across the world through her foundation, Orphan Relief Effort.

During difficult times in my life, Yvonne reached out to me time and time again with a kind word of encouragement. Yvonne’s caring friendship and support helped me continue writing and I am forever grateful.

Yvonne, it is an honor to talk with you and find out more about you, your books, your blog and ministry. To begin, please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My names include wife, mom, grandmother, and child of God. I moved to Canada when I was a year and then to the US when I was twelve. Life has always been an adventure, and I loved travel from an early age.

I married my high school sweetheart in 1983. We had three children together (2 girls and 1 boy). We also adopted a set of twins from Kenya. All the kids are now adults. I am Bebe to four granddaughters and one grandson. I am blessed.

How did you become a Christian and how has your faith impacted your life?

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in Sunday School when I was about seven years old at River Side Baptist Church in Windsor, Ont. Canada. I have believed in Christ ever since, even though my faith wavered some through the college years. But, I always knew I belonged to God, so never got too far away. My faith life comprised attending church and prayer, but I also knew I wanted something more and something deeper, but was not sure what that looked like.

That all changed with the birth of our son, William, in September 1983 and his death nine days later. There was a lot of anger, depression, and loss. I wanted to give up on my faith, but where would I go? Only Jesus could offer me hope and a future, so I never gave up as I searched for what God wanted from me.

How has your faith led you into missions work and writing?

We started going on mission trips in 1987. The first one started as an honor to our son after his death. For many years, everyone wanted to know about the travel aspect of our mission journeys. I never intended to become a writer. Then, after many years of short-term mission work, I felt God nudging me to write stories from the mission field. I laughed because I thought I was too old and I was not a writer. But the nudge would not go away.

So, finally, I asked God to speak through my husband if this was really Him and not my imagination. Also, I told none of this to my husband. About a month later, Bill and I sat watching TV, and he looked over at me and asked how my book was coming along? I cried, and he asked what was happening. I told Bill the story, and he responded with, “I guess you’re writing a book.” So I did.

I expected to write one and be done. I wanted to be faithful to God, but still never thought of becoming a writer. When COVID started, we all experienced some fears. Each day, I wrote a prayer on Twitter each day. After some time, a publisher approached me about turning those prayers into a book, which we did. The pandemic kept us locked down, so I thought writing would be an excellent distraction, so I kept writing and still do.

All of my writing comes from following the prompting of the Lord. I don’t want to write for anyone but God and I leave it in His hands for how well the book does in the marketplace. My purpose is sharing the Gospel and for God’s glory, even if it is through a work of fiction. And it has been an amazing journey. God is faithful when we follow His leadings, and I witnessed that with each of the six books published so far.

Through writing, I’ve met so many wonderful authors and they bless me with their friendship and encouragement. The hardest part of my writing journey is waiting on the Lord for my next assignment. I don’t wait well. But, as I wait, I write a weekly blog to keep my skills sharp and to share the messages of seeing God in action in our lives. I’m not sure what will come next, but God does, and that is okay with me.

What genres of writing are included in your work?

Six books so far, all Christian. Three non-fiction that include a memoir, a prayer journal and a Bible study. Two children’s book and my latest is a contemporary fiction book. I blog weekly and write for an electronic magazine called Faith on Every Corner that comes out monthly.

What is your most recent book and what inspired this book?

So, after writing my other books, I wanted to try my hand at fiction and include more travel information because we learn so much when we travel. And as I got older and retired, I thought the book should inspire people who think they are no longer as useful in life. I didn’t start writing till I was in my 50s, so I know God can use any of us, no matter our age or
circumstances. So, all that came together as Gypsy for God.

What do you hope readers will remember from your books, blog and missions work?

I want to inspire people to go deeper with their relationship with Christ and to follow Him. A life lived for Christ provides us with an amazing journey. It still might not be easy or without heartbreak, but it will be rewarding.

What advice do you have for other Christians?

Never give up on God because He never gives up on us. And we are never too old to be useful to God. He has a godly purpose for each of us if we will seek it out.

How can readers order your books, follow your blog or find you on social media?

Author’s Page and Blog:

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Thank you, Yvonne, for following God’s call and encouraging us to do the same! You are an inspiration!

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  1. I love hearing about how Yvonne heard from God through her husband in that way. What a neat and amazingly personal experience! Yvonne inspires me. Thank you for sharing this!!

    • I agree, Jessica. God moves in wonderful ways, sometimes through our husbands! I am encouraged to hear stories of God uniquely leading people through life’s challenges. Praying God’s blessings over you, your family and writing ministry. Wondering where He will lead you next!

    • Thank you, Karen, for taking time to read and hear more about Yvonne’s life! It can be wonderful to sit down and interview a friend. We find out so many sweet details we never knew. I agree, Yvonne is surely an inspirational child of God. As are you!


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