Following God’s Call: Yvonne Morgan

Following God's Call Interview with Yvonne Morgan

Following God’s Call Interview with Yvonne Morgan Yvonne Morgan is a gifted Christian author and speaker who is also dear friend. Her life and faith have deeply inspired me. She uplifts others in big ways and small, through missions work, through writing, and through faith in action. Yvonne writes a weekly blog sharing authentic stories … Read more

The Potter’s Hands

Christian poem The potter's hands

By Melissa McLaughlin In the Potter’s hands He turns me Gently molding Firmly holding Heaven’s golding Bending Pressing Shaping Swirling Barely recognizing This old lump of clay Glimpse His glistening glory See His unfolding story Waiting while He works Here in the Potter’s hands Additional poems you might enjoy: Paperclip Prayer – Poem and Prayer … Read more

Broken Edges

Christian Poem Broken Edges

By Melissa McLaughlin The broken edges of my heart Sanded down With storms and waves And gentle Living Water To smooth my jagged points And rough ends Making me fit for even a child’s hands To collect the hidden treasure of His love In this tattered old Earthen shell Additional poems you might enjoy: The … Read more