Suffering for Christ

Suffering for Christ

By Melissa McLaughlin Following Jesus We’ve all been there. There is a sting when we don’t fit in. Friends at school make plans for their party, but we don’t make the list. Co-workers overlook us during the lunch conversation. People give us that uncomfortable side-glance when we pray over meals. An unbeliever on social media … Read more

Lifelong Pursuit of Christ: Melinda V. Inman

Lifelong Pursuit of Christ Melinda V. Inman

A Lifelong Pursuit of Christ As followers of Christ, we discover a journey that takes us through nourishing, green pastures, still waters of refreshment and at times, deep, dark valleys. Our Good Shepherd saves us, leads us, cares for us and loves us all along the way. Therefore, our greatest desire is to live for … Read more

The Power of a Kind Word

The Power of a Kind Word

By Melissa McLaughlin The weight of sadness in this world with its division, hatred, animosity and harshness, at times feels like a heavy blanket of evil pressing against my soul. Every word spoken, seems to assume the worst and allows for no grace. Every news cast highlights the most destructive possible view of humanity. Every … Read more

Seeking Racial Justice and Healing in Christ

Seeking Racial Justice and Healing in Christ

By Melissa McLaughlin Another gruesome and wicked act of racial injustice carried out in our land. My heart dropped. My stomach sickened. My body heaved with grief. How did we get here, Lord? How can we bring justice, Lord? How can we bring healing, Lord? What is our response? Stealing, Killing, Destroying? Some have chosen … Read more

How Can I Get Rid of Bad Thoughts?

How can I get rid of bad thoughts?

By Melissa McLaughlin We had just arrived home after visiting my parents for a home-cooked dinner. Mom packed us a hefty bag of leftovers, our very own “goodie bag”. My mom’s special recipe crispy chicken, homemade apple sauce, mashed potatoes and creamed corn. Mmm, mmm, good! But the crowning touch was her chocolate cake. Oh … Read more

When Everything Falls Apart: 7 Strategies to Get You Through

when everything falls apart 7 strategies to get you through

By Melissa McLaughlin I still remember that day. Rain poured down in buckets, drenching our hopes of playing outside. Like all kids on a rainy day, we were feeling antsy. To release some pent-up energy, my older brother and I began tossing a Nerf ball back and forth in the kitchen. It was an innocent … Read more

Amazing Guest Post – Featuring Lori Cunningham!

Lori Cunningham

Lori Cunningham – Guest Post This excerpt by author and speaker, Nan Jones, says it all: “I’ve only known Lori Cunningham a few short weeks through an online friendship, but I know there is something very special about her. I think of the beautiful, delicate rose whose petals have fallen to the ground only to … Read more