A Prayer for Mothers

A Prayer for Mothers

By Melissa McLaughlin Please join me in prayer for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or mother figures. Let’s remember the godly women who have nurtured us and lift them in prayer today. If you are a mother, this prayer is for you, too. Heavenly Father, thank you for lavishing your love on us. Today, I pray a … Read more

A Call to Fast and Pray – 3 Ways to Fast

A Call to Fast and Pray - 3 Ways to Pray

By Melissa McLaughlin The first time I participated in a time of prayer and fasting was in high school. In order to raise awareness and raise money to fight world hunger, our church youth group organized a sleepover at the church that included a time of prayer and fasting. This afforded us the opportunity to … Read more

Seeking Racial Justice and Healing in Christ

Seeking Racial Justice and Healing in Christ

By Melissa McLaughlin Another gruesome and wicked act of racial injustice carried out in our land. My heart dropped. My stomach sickened. My body heaved with grief. How did we get here, Lord? How can we bring justice, Lord? How can we bring healing, Lord? What is our response? Stealing, Killing, Destroying? Some have chosen … Read more

My Prayer for the World at Such a Time as This

By Melissa McLaughlin We are living in a time we could never have imagined. The world and its systems have come to a screeching halt. Businesses, schools, churches, activities, travel have all been put on hold. In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus pandemic turned the spotlight on the fragility of our lives. The simple … Read more

Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer – 3 Parables

jesus teaching on prayer 3 parables

By Melissa McLaughlin We all love a good story! I have an uncle who can tell a story like nobody’s business. Complete with animated facial expressions, exuberant gestures and winsome voice inflection. The listeners are always captivated and waiting for the punchline at the end. Jesus knew the power of a good story and used … Read more

How Did Jesus Pray? The Model Prayer

How Did Jesus Pray? The Model Prayer

By Melissa McLaughlin Close Communication Who is your closest friend? Our closest friends are typically those with whom we share our deepest aches, goofiest moments and most candid thoughts. We rest in their love for us knowing they will enjoy the high points, cry with us in the low points and gently but honestly correct … Read more

Passing By

Christian poem Passing By

By Melissa McLaughlin Lord, let me not pass by Let me not pass by without a glance at Your glory Your splendor Your majesty Your golden voice singing, “See what I have made, For joy For wonder For awe For beauty So you can gaze And not pass by My gentle touch Waiting for you … Read more

3 Prayers of Hope

3 Prayers of Hope

By Melissa McLaughlin Ever had one of those days? Whether you are taking your first few steps to follow Christ or you have traveled myriad miles in your walk with Him, there are days when it feels we simply cannot take one more step. Days when it seems impossible to put one foot in front … Read more

Strength in Surrender

Strength in Surrender Story of Nehemiah

By Melissa McLaughlin The story of Nehemiah is one that grabs my heart every time. From beginning to end, I see a man of strength through surrender. Though the concept of surrendered leadership seems a contradiction, when we are surrendered to the Lord, it becomes our greatest strength. The Story of Nehemiah Nehemiah’s story took … Read more

The Time Between Time: Two Extraordinary Moments in God’s Story

The Time Between Time Two Extraordinary Moments in God's Story

By Melissa McLaughlin What Time is It? What time is it? Are we there yet? How much longer ’til we get there? I remember those days. How we carefully planned each long-awaited vacation. Our children were young, so we selected destinations that provided opportunities for robust outdoor playtime and old-fashioned family fun. We packed clothing, … Read more