The Psalm that inspired Joy to the World

The Psalm that inspired Joy to the World

By Melissa McLaughlin The Whole World Sings How the sun sparkled! It was a sunny morning after a big winter storm. A nor’easter. A December storm that dumped snow, sleet and freezing rain on our community through the night. We awoke to a blanket of white as far as the eye could see. Still untouched, … Read more

The Gifts We Bring at Christmas

The Gifts We Bring at Christmas

By Melissa McLaughlin The Gift of a Child How their innocent eyes twinkled with glee! I remember with such fondness, the days when my children were preschoolers and brought me gifts for Christmas. They rummaged through the toy box and selected a treasured gift to give. With little fingers, they wrapped the items in Kleenex … Read more


Why Believe in Jesus

Do you remember a time like this? That moment when you needed someone to believe you, to trust you. Perhaps it was an accident and you wanted others to understand what happened. Maybe it was the doctor and you needed him to believe your symptoms. Perhaps someone was giving a different account about an incident that involved you. You told the truth, but how can the listener know this?

This is the deciding moment. The moment when you need someone to believe you. To trust you. To take your word for it.

Think back to a time when someone believed you. What a gift! It is like receiving a longed for and treasured prize. There is a sense of deep connection. A soul-level trust. A knowing and believing in who you are. This kind of belief in another person’s character is a rare commodity, something to be genuinely cherished.

Imagine then, how it moves God’s heart when we believe Him. When we take His word for it. When we trust Him. The story of Christmas is true. Read here and believe!

Feeling sad at Christmas? 4 Ways to Overcome

Feeling Sad at Christmas? 4 Ways to Overcome

Feeling depressed or sad at Christmas? Struggling with holiday blues? Going through a hard time? Perhaps it was the loss of a loved one. Perhaps the loss of a job or ministry. Perhaps the loss of our health. Or perhaps just the slow grind of life in a broken world, that slowly wore away our gratitude for God’s blessings.

No matter the cause, the problem remains. How do I celebrate Christmas when I feel sad or low? Here are 4 ways to seek God and rest in His goodness this Christmas,

The First Christmas Tree – Guest Post

First Christmas Tree

Guest Post By The Eclectic Contrarian The First Christmas Tree The first Christmas tree was not beautiful. The lights did not catch your eye with splendor. The ornaments did not adorn or complement and decor. In fact, the first Christmas tree (Acts 5:30) was rough, splintered, uncomfortable, cumbersome, awkward and feared. The first Light (John … Read more