What do you think about the Messiah? Psalm 110

What do you think about the Messiah? Psalm 110

By Melissa McLaughlin Reading the Bible can be positively life-changing. Imagine this, the Voice of Him who spoke us into existence is found in these pages. Is it any wonder we need His Word to live? The Bible contains God’s will, character, law, heart and His marvelous message of salvation in Christ. If we allow … Read more

The Unseen Hand of God

The Unseen Hand of God

By Melissa McLaughlin Unstoppable Power They have a power all their own. The patches of stubborn, unmelted snow still cling to the earth, gripping the edges of our souls with the frigid bite of winter. But there they are… unthwarted, unstoppable, undaunted. Up from the earth. Up from the shadows. Up from the seeming stillness … Read more

Standing on the Rock in the Storm

Standing on the Rock in the Storm

By Melissa McLaughlin The Rock There it stood. Rugged, wild and immovable. Our family excursion to Maine brought us to the picturesque Pemaquid Point. We climbed along the rocky outcropping that stood firm against the onslaught of ocean waves. Though the waves rolled in, crashing with rhythmic force, yet the rock stood firm. We stood … Read more

The Gifts We Bring at Christmas

The Gifts We Bring at Christmas

By Melissa McLaughlin The Gift of a Child How their innocent eyes twinkled with glee! I remember with such fondness, the days when my children were preschoolers and brought me gifts for Christmas. They rummaged through the toy box and selected a treasured gift to give. With little fingers, they wrapped the items in Kleenex … Read more

6 Simple Things to Know About End Times

6 Simple Things to Know About End Times

By Melissa McLaughlin A recent household repair necessitated the dreaded nightmare… cleaning the basement. Uggghhh! A massive chore that is avoided in our home at all costs! Nonetheless, the basement storage boxes were lugged upstairs and the tedious task of sorting, cleaning and decision-making began. My mind scaled a mountain of odds and ends. What … Read more

Poem: In the Garden of Gethsemane

Christian Poem In the Garden of Gethsemane

By Melissa McLaughlin His footsteps fall softly in the olive grove Enveloped in verdant Garden fragrance The tender leaves, the stalwart trunks rooted and still, The young olive fruit swelling with sustenance A Garden pulsing with life Yet death casts its shadow there The earthy soil once wet with morning dew, Now soaked with the … Read more

12 Christian Songs to Lift Your Spirit in Hard Times

12 Christian Songs to Lift Your Spirits When Times are Tough

By Melissa McLaughlin When times are hard, when we’re stressed out, worried or down, there is nothing like a song to reset our internal compass. Music can help lift our eyes, minds and hearts, especially when those songs point us to Christ. He is our hope in life and in death. Songs with Christian lyrics … Read more

He Lives

Christian Poem He Lives

By Melissa McLaughlin Delicate trumpets Of sunshine yellow Heralding their Maker’s Joy! Making all things new The Creator And Re-Creator Of never-ending Beauty and grace Up from the grave He Lives! O come, Let us adore Him! Additional poems you might enjoy: All Things New – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin Song of the Rose – … Read more

Song of the Rose

Christian Poem Song of the Rose

By Melissa McLaughlin Soft pink petals Sing of a greater One Creator, Savior and King Wearing the thorns From the roses He made Jesus of You, they sing Additional poems you might enjoy: Vision of Red – Poem and prayer by Melissa McLaughlin He Lives – Poem by Melissa McLaughlin

Rock of Ages

Christian Poem Rock of Ages

By Melissa McLaughlin The Rock on which I stand Immovable Immeasurable Immortal Though darkness falls Though oceans roll Though terror calls With one breath He utters Peace. Be still. Creation bows His voice echoes What He says, Is. Be still my heart The Rock of ages Has spoken. Additional poems you might enjoy: Starry Night … Read more

All Things New

Christian Poem All Things New

By Melissa McLaughlin All things made new Oh Lion and Lamb His once dead body Breathes again From dust to life From sorrow to peace His power unending His grace unleashed His justice rolls down His truth sets free His gentleness heals His mercy redeems Oh believer, yes, it’s true He who lives again Makes … Read more

The Time Between Time: Two Extraordinary Moments in God’s Story

The Time Between Time Two Extraordinary Moments in God's Story

Have you ever wondered about the time between time. Two extraordinary moments in God’s story. Two pauses when God is silent. The first is the 400 years between Malachi and the birth of Christ. The second is from the end of Revelation until Christ’s return. And so…here we are. Right here, right now. In the time between time. What does this mean? How should we live?

Powerful Prayer Tool – Praising Over Pleading

Powerful Prayer Tool Praising Over Pleading

By Melissa McLaughlin Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected, unwanted situation and watched your mind and emotions spiral into a pit of ceaseless churning negativity? Have you ever prayed long and hard for something, only to witness that prayer go unanswered and as a result then began to question God’s goodness or God’s … Read more

The Sacrificial Lamb – Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

The Sacrificial Lamb - Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

By Melissa McLaughlin New Life After a long, bitter winter even our bodies moan, yearning for spring. We wait for the sun’s strength to be emboldened. We breathe in deeply waiting for the smell of fresh earth. Daily we scour the brown frozen scenery for the smallest signs of new life. The snowdrop is the … Read more