Grateful as the Falling Leaves

Grateful as the Falling Leaves

By Melissa McLaughlin Grateful as the falling leaves Releasing their tiny grip In joyful abandon Tumbling free Following the wind’s touch Lighting darkened alleys With splashes of orange, red, yellow, and brown Piling high in gutters and ditches Filling the world with remembrance… What once was living, though now dead, is still moving Announcing God’s … Read more

The Gifts We Bring at Christmas

The Gifts We Bring at Christmas

By Melissa McLaughlin The Gift of a Child How their innocent eyes twinkled with glee! I remember with such fondness, the days when my children were preschoolers and brought me gifts for Christmas. They rummaged through the toy box and selected a treasured gift to give. With little fingers, they wrapped the items in Kleenex … Read more

What is the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) in the Bible?

what is the feast of tabernacles (sukkoth) in the bible

By Melissa McLaughlin The Feast of Tabernacles is the last of three fall feasts appointed and initiated by God in the Old Testament. The Feast (or Festival) of Tabernacles is also referred to as: The Feast of Booths / Ingathering / Shelters or in Hebrew “Sukkot”. The word Sukkot is the plural form of “sukkah” … Read more

God’s Eternal Garden

God's Eternal Garden in Heaven

By Melissa McLaughlin One of the great pleasures of summertime is enjoying fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden. The deep red tomatoes, crunchy sweet cucumbers, lush green squash and overflowing beans. The list goes on and on and on. All year we wait for one bite of this sumptuous and long-awaited delicacy. As I … Read more

How Do We Enter God’s Rest?

How Do We Enter God's Rest

By Melissa McLaughlin Home Sweet Home Surprisingly, one of the sweet joys of a summer get-away is coming home. After all the fun, the visits to see family, the sights and sounds of new places, there is something simple and beautiful about arriving back home. Seeing the familiar. Returning to your own comforts. Sleeping in … Read more

6 Simple Things to Know About End Times

6 Simple Things to Know About End Times

By Melissa McLaughlin A recent household repair necessitated the dreaded nightmare- cleaning the basement. Uggghhh! A massive chore that is avoided in our home at all costs! Nonetheless, the basement storage boxes were lugged upstairs and the tedious task of sorting, cleaning and decision-making began. My mind scaled a mountain of odds and ends. What … Read more

Be Still My Soul – 3 Messages of Peace from Jesus

be still my soul 3 messages of peace from jesus

By Melissa McLaughlin When my kids were young, some of our beloved family pets were hamsters. Our first hamster was affectionately named Hammy. Hammy was a soft, brown and white, handful of cuddly love. At night, Hammy scampered through the trails and tunnels of his plastic hamster cage, like an energetic child unleashed at Chuck … Read more

Breath of God

Christian poem Breath of God

By Melissa McLaughlin Breath of God Lift me in the winds of heaven ‘Til arias of angels Float through my frame Refresh my gasping soul With the oxygen of Life Your Spirit Your Breath Your Word As I wait For that Great Day When I see You At last Coming on the Clouds To bear … Read more

How Can I Experience the Peace of God?

how can i experience the peace of god 7 ways

By Melissa McLaughlin We’ve all been there. That moment when anxiety, doubt or fear grips our heart with paralyzing force. As if the jaws of death are closing in, crushing our breath, imprisoning our thoughts, consuming our whole being. Unfortunately, even in those rare moments when our personal lives appear to be quietly coasting along, … Read more

The Time Between Time: Two Extraordinary Moments in God’s Story

The Time Between Time Two Extraordinary Moments in God's Story

By Melissa McLaughlin What Time is It? What time is it? Are we there yet? How much longer ’til we get there? I remember those days. How we carefully planned each long-awaited vacation. Our children were young, so we selected destinations that provided opportunities for robust outdoor playtime and old-fashioned family fun. We packed clothing, … Read more

Do you ever wonder if the world is coming to an end?

do you ever wonder if the world is coming to an end

By Melissa McLaughlin The End Have you ever wondered if the world is coming to an end? Ever wonder about Jesus coming back? Ever wonder about the end of your own life? What happens after we die? We can all be certain of one thing… within the next 100 years we will all die. Whether … Read more